We offer a reliable and trustworthy kitchen installation audit

auditTo ensure food safety, we at Top Kitchen Design, also conduct kitchen installation audit to ensure the safety within your kitchen. Here are some of the questions that are included during the kitchen audit.

1. Does the kitchen floor area provide risks of slips and falls?

2. Does the kitchen flooring provide better traction?

3. Are there any safety measures done after floor cleaning?

4. Are there any floor materials to help prevent any possibilities of slips and falls in locations near the dishwashing areas and ice machines just in case water leaks or ice melting?

5. Is the plumbing system and the ice machine constantly checked for leaks?

6. Are there any preventive measures implemented for burn prevention?

7. Are there any relief systems installed to minimize the risk of explosion related to pressurized water systems?

8. Are there any preventive measures for fire?

9. Are the electrical plugs used functions properly?

10. Are there enough outlets installed to accommodate all the appliances used?

11. Are all the electrical equipment regularly checked and are all of it in good condition?

12. Are there any fire extinguishers in the kitchen area?

13. Is there any presence of proper storage and handling equipment?

14. Is there any presence of appropriate cleaning equipment?

15. Is there enough water for the food preparation, aftercare and sanitation?

16. Are the shelves and containers cleaned and maintained properly?

17. Are there sufficient numbers of garbage containers?

18. Does the kitchen have adequate lighting in the area?

19. Is proper water waste disposal followed?

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